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Aug 14th Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report

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It was a rainy day aboard our 32′ Yacht Blue Star.

Rain , wind and light  swells didn’t stop this group.

They headed out just past the Lands End into the pacific.

Reeled in  this  Feisty Giant who put up quite the fight.

Did you know Marlin have this defense mechanism.

That when they eat something they don’t want, they regurgitate up their stomach.

It do swallow it back in!








May 6 Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report

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Captain Julio and his crew took this group to “45 spot”.

The “45 Spot” is just two miles from the Cabo Lighthouse.

It is on a deep ledge off the Cardonal Canyon in the pacific.

The prime fishing spot is right before the ledge.

The ledge  drops to 3,000 feet deep.

Lots of fish seem to be attracted to this area.

This group caught plenty of nice tasty  Tuna.




April 20th ~Cabo San Lucas Tuna and Bonita Fishing Report

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Sometimes when there is a group of younger clients, they just want to catch fish.

They are not fussy… just want some fighting fish.

Captain  Eddy knows a spot a short distance into the pacific.

Tuna and Bonita are Coastal fish that will inhabit areas close to shore.

Live mackerel and trolling lines in place.

One hit after another, this group will remember this day for a long time.

FYI: Bonita are just as tasty as tuna when cut up and served fresh!