Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report - Blue Sky Cabo

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Report

Real Words from our Guest!

My four children and I experienced Blue Sky Cabo Fishing just this past December. We partook in a sunset cruise, a fishing cruise, and a float cruise. The boat was clean, and the staff were very friendly, and always looking to lend you a hand with anything! The views were out of this world! On the fishing cruise we were able to catch 5 Marlin!!! ( but of course released them) The staff made us a Ceviche, which was absolutely delicious! This trip was just an awesome experience, so many things to write about! We got to meet the famous “Poncho”, the biggest sea lion I ever did see! The staff were so quick to take all of our pictures to capture all of our moments! We even got so close to a whale! We were told where to bring our Mahi-mahi to the restaurant “Misiones de Kinos” and they would cook it for us. They cooked it three different ways, and it was out of this world delicious! Blue Sky Cabo was an excellent experience, and I would HIGHLY recommend it!


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  • Crystal

    Blue sky Cabo is amazing
    I had the time of my life on that boat… The crew was outstanding the scenery was outstanding… I had such a spectacular time I would highly recommend it to anyone likes nature or beautiful scenery… And the people are so friendly and helpful😃

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