Blue Sky Cabo Fish Guarantee

Money Back Fish Guarantee Offer

Blue Sky Cabo

2 Fish Guarantee’s Offered Complimentary Float Party and Optional Refundable Rental Fee

If No Fish Caught

Blue Sky Cabo values your charter experience and we are pleased to offer the following fish guarantee’s to the client, with over 4300 excellent reviews from Trip Advisor and 900 Excellent Google Reviews – our goal is to exceed your expectations.


Free Fish Guarantee – No Charge 

Included in all charters 5 hours or more
NO FISH – We offer a return 2nd Float Party Charter – Bare Boat BYOB – 2 Hour Anchor Bay Float Party Another Date Water Toys Included

2nd Fish Guarantee – $125 USD Refundable Fee  

Using our Dredge Deep Drop Professional System
Professional Tournament Gear – Bait Ball – Squid –

Electric Dredge System Rental – $125 USD – 32 Foot Blue Star
Fish Guarantee–Marlin–Dorado–Tuna–Wahoo–Snapper–Grouper   If no fish are caught – your $125 rental fee is fully refunded.

Do not hesitate calling us back with any questions you may have – we have over 4300 excellent reviews on Trip Advisor – happy clients are our goal – fish with us and you will be back for years to come – please click on the Trip Advisor LOGO below, thanks…