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Dorado Fishing in Cabo

Dorado Fishing in Cabo

Dorado Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Vlad and Natalia, a couple from Sacramento, California, had always dreamed of an adventurous escape. So, when Vlad surprised Natalia with a special charter fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas with Blue Sky Cabo Fishing and Charters her excitement was palpable. The couple set out on a sunny morning, eager to experience the thrill of fishing in one of the world’s most renowned angling destinations. Little did Natalia know, Vlad had a few surprises in store to make their day truly unforgettable.

Fishing For Daordo In Cabo San Lucas 

As the sun began to rise over the picturesque Cabo San Lucas marina, Vlad and Natalia arrived at the dock. Waiting for them was the majestic 43-foot Riviera, aptly named Blue Sky. They were greeted by Captain Francisco, a seasoned angler with years of experience navigating the rich waters of Cabo.

Natalia looked around, expecting to see other guests. Confused, she turned to Vlad. “Where is everyone?” she asked. Vlad smiled and gently took her hand. “I wanted this day to be just for us,” he said. Natalia’s eyes widened in surprise and delight as she realized Vlad had chartered the entire yacht exclusively for the two of them.

Captain Francisco welcomed them aboard and quickly briefed them on the day’s itinerary. The target for their morning adventure was Dorado, also known as mahi-mahi, a vibrant and acrobatic fish that is a favorite among sport fishermen. To enhance their fishing experience, they had opted for the LP dredge system, an advanced technique offered as an upgrade by Blue Sky Cabo.

The LP Dredge System Advantage – Fish Attraction Device 

The LP dredge system, known for its effectiveness in attracting game fish, utilizes a series of underwater lures that mimic a school of baitfish. As the Blue Sky cruised into the deep blue waters, Captain Francisco and his crew set up the dredge, explaining how it would increase their chances of landing a trophy Dorado.

Vlad and Natalia were fascinated by the process. Captain Francisco shared stories of past successes and the thrill of the chase. The sun climbed higher, casting a golden hue over the sea, and the couple settled into the comfortable deck chairs, anticipation building with every passing moment.

The Thrill of the Catch

It didn’t take long for the action to begin. The LP dredge system proved its worth as Natalia’s line suddenly went taut. She felt a powerful tug and instinctively tightened her grip on the rod. With Captain Francisco’s guidance, she began the exhilarating battle against the Dorado. The fish leapt out of the water, its iridescent body flashing in the sunlight, putting on a spectacular show.

After a spirited fight, Natalia managed to reel in the magnificent Dorado. She was breathless with excitement, her heart pounding from the adrenaline rush. Vlad cheered her on, capturing the moment with his camera. The crew quickly brought the fish aboard, their expertise ensuring it was handled with care.

Not to be outdone, Vlad soon had his own encounter with a Dorado. He followed Natalia’s lead, using the tips and techniques shared by Captain Francisco. The couple’s laughter and cheers filled the air as Vlad successfully landed his catch. The vibrant colors of the Dorado were mesmerizing, and the sense of achievement was palpable.

Celebrating the Catch

With two impressive Dorado catches on board, Captain Francisco and his crew offered to filet the fish for them. Vlad and Natalia watched as the crew expertly prepared the fillets, their mouths watering in anticipation of the delicious meal to come.

The yacht turned back towards the marina, the morning sun now high in the sky. Vlad and Natalia savored the moment, the salty breeze and the stunning ocean views creating a perfect backdrop for their shared adventure.

A Culinary Delight at Alexander’s

Back at the marina, Vlad and Natalia took their fresh Dorado fillets to Alexander’s, a renowned restaurant offering a unique “hook and cook” service. For just $18, the chefs at Alexander’s would prepare their catch to perfection, accompanied by a free welcome beer or margarita.

The couple was warmly welcomed at Alexander’s, their fillets handed over to the skilled kitchen staff. They chose to start with margaritas, clinking glasses in celebration of their successful fishing trip. The atmosphere at the restaurant was lively, with other anglers sharing their own stories and enjoying their freshly caught meals.

The chefs at Alexander’s did not disappoint. The Dorado was cooked to perfection, its tender, flaky flesh bursting with flavor. Vlad and Natalia savored every bite, their taste buds dancing with delight. They shared sides of rice, vegetables, and local salsas, each complementing the Dorado beautifully.

Reflecting on an Unforgettable Experience Fishing For Dorado in Cabo 

As they enjoyed their meal, Vlad and Natalia reflected on the morning’s events. The surprise of the private charter, the thrill of the catch, and the culinary delight at Alexander’s made for an unforgettable experience. Natalia was touched by Vlad’s thoughtfulness and the effort he had put into planning such a special day.

Captain Francisco’s expertise and the advanced LP dredge system had truly elevated their fishing adventure. The couple felt a deep sense of gratitude for the time spent on the Blue Sky and the memories they had created together. They vowed to return to Cabo San Lucas in the future, eager to explore more of its rich waters and vibrant marine life.

Practical Tips for Future Anglers

For those inspired by Vlad and Natalia’s adventure, planning a fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas is a straightforward process. Many charters, like Blue Sky Cabo, offer all-inclusive packages with various upgrades to enhance the fishing experience. The LP dredge system, in particular, is highly recommended for those looking to increase their chances of landing game fish like Dorado.

The best time for Dorado fishing in Cabo is generally from May to October, although these waters are teeming with diverse species year-round. Always check the weather conditions before setting out; while the warm temperatures and winds can be invigorating, it’s crucial to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Cabo San Lucas is not just about fishing. The marina area offers a plethora of dining options, shopping, and cultural experiences. Restaurants like Alexander’s provide a unique opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labor, turning your catch into a gourmet meal.


Vlad and Natalia’s morning fishing adventure in Cabo San Lucas was more than just a fishing trip. It was a day filled with surprises, excitement, and delicious food, creating memories that would last a lifetime. They returned to Sacramento with stories to tell, photos to share, and a deeper appreciation for the ocean and its bounty.

As the sun set over the marina, casting a golden glow on the water, Vlad and Natalia knew this was just the beginning of their Cabo adventures. The call of the sea, the thrill of the catch, and the allure of this beautiful destination had captured their hearts. Until their next visit, they would cherish the memories of their perfect day aboard the Blue Sky with Captain Francisco


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