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Some of the most surprising yet satisfying fishing, is bottom fishing in Los Cabos.

What is the difference between bottom fishing in Los Cabos and deep-sea fishing?

In case you are not familiar, bottom fishing in Los Cabos is usually done in the calmer, near shore waters compared to venturing far offshore for the deep-sea species.

The whole family can be involved, young and old when bottom fishing in Los Cabos. Typically, your Blue Sky Cabo captain will take you to the reefs or shallower water.

Ordinary hooks are not utilized in bottom fishing in Los Cabos you would use circle hooks which jam inside the jaw to avoid cutting the fish’s mouth.

Traditional bottom fishing in Los Cabos is done using cut bait on a multiple hook “chicken rig”, or a single large cut or live bait on a Carolina or fish finder rig. Simply drift, anchor, or power drift over some structure and try to fish as a straight up and down as much as possible.

It is also quite a skill to set the hook when a bite occurs. Knowing when to pull on the line to snag a fish comes from experience.  An over-aggressive tug can cause the lure to come straight out of the mouth of the fish.

There is an amazing art to bottom fishing in Los Cabos so make sure to use drifting or anchoring techniques on areas where fish are known to be lurking.

Dropping your line led by a heavy sinker, followed by the bait to the bottom of the sea while drifting will assure that you lure some beautiful award-winning fish onto your hook. There is a special talent to the bait when you are bottom fishing in Los Cabos.

Roosterfish are an especially sought out species that many visitors aim for. Bottom fishing in Los Cabos is also recommended for people who are more concerned about catching fish than how big or what species.  The main goal is to catch fish, any fish.

Bottom fishing in Los Cabos is one the easiest fishing type for you if you are a beginner to the world of fishing, however it can be quite challenging.  You won’t have the knowledge to sense a bite from a fish to start.  However, part of the fun is learning the skill and getting a feeling for the line.

The crystal clear gorgeous sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean offers some of the most surprising and yet challenging bottom fishing in Los Cabos. The area boasts lovely reefs and clear blue seas which anyone can enjoy including those that want to make this a family activity.

While sport fishing and the large game fish are very popular in this area, others can enjoy the more hand on approach of bottom fishing in Los Cabos. The talent of bottom fishing in Los Cabos can be practiced catching many types of fish.

Grouper, roosterfish, and snapper are found by the reefs and can be easily sought out in a variety of these reefs in the Los Cabos area. The reefs offer an interesting perspective of other marine life that can be enjoyed while bottom fishing in Los Cabos. Grouper is best caught from March to May. Roosterfish is in abundance from April to July. Snapper is plentiful during April to September:

Families enjoy bonding during the experience of bottom fishing in Los Cabos as it is a more laid back approach to fishing. Many parents with their children can be found having a lovely moment sharing the experience of bottom fishing in Los Cabos.

There is nothing like sharing a peaceful moment in preparation for a day of fishing.  Taking the time to discuss strategy, checking the reels and rods, boarding a boat for a full day or half day.  The Blue Sky crew will stow your gear and give you hints, and maybe even share a secret or two on how to catch that prize fish while bottom fishing in Los Cabos!

And once your bounty is caught, you get to share that fish story with all who will listen.

What could be more special than bottom fishing in Los Cabos and you bring in a great catch? You can take your catch to many restaurants in Los Cabos and they will prepare it to order.

That bottom fishing in Los Cabos pays off as you to sit down to share a meal, as the sky changes to a pink and purple hued sunset and you enjoy not only the food, but relish the experience you had while bottom fishing in Los Cabos.

The best part?  You can always book another fishing trip with the Blue Sky Cabo crew to experience, not only bottom fishing in Los Cabos, but other types of fishing as well.

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