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Best Time to Fish in Los Cabos

The month of October seems to be the best time to fish in Los Cabos for large sport fish and big purse tournaments. However, there has always been some debate to this, as many feel EVERY month is a good month and the best time to fish in Los Cabos.

As the heat of the summer starts to finally dissipate over the crystal blue waters,  the fish enjoy the reprieve and become more active in the warm waters.   The best time to fish in Los Cabos is when the water temperature becomes favorable for the specific fish sought by the ones out on the Blue Sky for the day or a half day of fishing.

The temperatures in the 80 to 90 degree range present a moderate climate, with the humidity dropping down to the 60% range.   The best time to fish in Los Cabos has also been picked up for the fishing tournaments.  Many of the big fishing tournaments happen during the month of October.

The Bisbee’s Black and Blue tournament is well known and happens during one of the best time to fish in Los Cabo, The tournament is one of the only multi-million dollar fishing tournaments in the World and is renowned for its large wins. This being the best time to fish in Los Cabos makes millionaires out of those who catch the largest blue or black marlins in the World.

The best time to fish in Los Cabos also boasts over 300 pound yellow fin tuna as well as a large amount of striped marlin and dorado. You can throw your line in and almost are assured a large catch in October, being one of the best times to fish in Los Cabos.

Fishing closer to shore is also the best time to fish in Los Cabos, as you can leisurely fish in shallower waters.  There you will find Wahoo, sail fish, Dorado and bottom fish in an almost endless supply and in large numbers.

The news has spread around the World as to when the best time is for fishing in Los Cabos.  1000’s of spectators come to cheer on their friends or favorite teams to be crowned with the largest fish on the scale. Everyone knows how important it is to have at least one great fishing story to tell in your lifetime.  It is one of the busiest times of the year for those that enjoy the sport of fishing and Cabo San Lucas does it up right.

To be fair in describing the best time to fish in Los Cabos is, realistically, ANY TIME, depending on what species of fish you seeking.

However, a true fisherman can also appreciate that the best time to fish in Cabo is typically Mid-September to Mid-November if you want to play with the big boys.

The Sea of Cortez connecting to the Pacific Ocean offers you the variety of locations to actually decide what you want to search out and catch.

While aboard one of the Blue Sky fleet, you can relax, sip some margaritas and take in the sights as the crew take the boat into waters that may result in a big catch. Imagine the crew preparing your catch into fresh Sashimi.

The best time to fish in Los Cabos is on a calm ocean and you may reel in fish for dinner or a trophy fish at any moment! The ocean is always pristine and allows for the bait balls to be very visible for the fish to see.  The best time to fish in Los Cabos also depends on a seasoned crew who knows the waters well.  The Blue Sky crew stays alert looking for action on the water, changes in birds in the skies, dolphins following the boat, etc.

The weather also plays a great role as to the best time to fish in Los Cabos as Baja is a location that is very light on rain.  Typically it rains no more than 9 inches per year and heavy rains will change the temperature of the water

The beautiful sights and the large fish that grace Los Cabos call to you year round.  The best time to fish in Los Cabos for sport fish seems to be the Fall but don’t discount the rest of the year for great fishing.

We at Blue Sky Cabo feel the best time to fish in Los Cabos is really anytime.

And remember, any bad day fishing is better than a great day at work, so they say.

Written by,

Vick Mote – Blue Sky Cabo Writer


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