Why Cabo is the Ultimate Destination and How You Can Enjoy Your Vacation Here - Blue Sky Cabo

Why Cabo is the Ultimate Destination and How You Can Enjoy Your Vacation Here

Why Cabo is the Ultimate Destination and How You Can Enjoy Your Vacation Here

If you are looking for the best travel destination that offers not only breathtaking views but also endless fun activities, such as deep sea fishing, Cabo San Lucas in Mexico is the answer. This beautiful place is situated at the south of Baja California Peninsula and is considered one of the oldest parts of the world. The city has plenty of things to offer for both the locals and tourists, including:

Full of sunshine: Cabo has logged over 300 sunny days. Also, this city is not likely to have tropical storms, hurricanes, or severe weather conditions, which are quite common in Caribbean holiday spots.

Easy access: Traveling to the city from the US is quick and simple by sea, including ocean cruises. You can also opt to travel by road, but be aware that you will encounter many army checkpoints. There is no need to worry though because the military personnel will just check your vehicles for illegal items. Other than that, they are friendly and polite.

White sandy beaches: Among the many reasons why tourists come back to the city several times a year involve the stunning beaches, such as Medano Beach. It is where you can find the Mango Deck spot, which is famous all around the world for people who love parties. For lovers or the romantic at heart, one of the ideal places to go to is Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach). You will find rock formations, clear tropical waters, and caves that will surely help make your vacation memorable.

Water sports and activities: From taking leisure walks to going jogging and swimming, there is always something for you at Cabo. Solmar Beach is a favorite place for these activities. For water-based fun, you have plenty of choices, including Costa Azul Beach, Bahia Santa Maria, and Playa Palmilla where you can go snorkeling and scuba diving.

Aside from the incredible beauty of Cabo San Lucas, it offers comfort and privacy through the hotels and inns all around the area. There are also Cabo San Lucas private yachts that you can rent for an exceptional and magical experience.

The city is also the preferred destination for people who love to go fishing. If you are looking forward to Cabo San Lucas deep sea fishing, you will not be disappointed. The coastal resort offers the visitors with some of the finest offshore fishing across the world. There is an excellent array of fish, especially fighting sportfish that you can discover with the help of Cabo San Lucas Fishing.

Here at Cabo San Lucas Fishing, we take pride in our modern facilities that will deliver you with a great fishing experience that only the city can offer. The sportfish can easily be spotted because of the short distance from our location where an extensive fleet of vessels for fishing are moored.

Hook some huge fish that will make your vacation even more exciting, including striped marlin, blue or black marlin, dorado (or sometimes known as dolphin fish, or mahi-mahi), swordfish, sailfish, and albacore tuna. You will also find some other varieties, including sharks, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, yellowtail, and wahoo. All these types are brilliant in giving you the best out of Cabo San Lucas deep sea fishing.

Meanwhile, if you want to try some light tackle fishing, you can also find a wide selection of game fish, which include jacks like jack crevalle, pompanos, grouper, roosterfish, and snappers.

Other Services

When you are not enjoying fishing, snorkeling, or other water adventure, we encourage you to try more of our services, such as the opportunity to rent luxury Cabo San Lucas private yachts or enjoy our sunset cruise. These two services are different but both aim to please you and make sure you are comfortable during the whole trip.

With our private yachts, we provide tailored experiences that will meet your needs and desires. As it is private, you do not have to wait for your turn to get access to fishing or any water sport you would like to try. There are also various activities for your enjoyment, and we have our professional staff waiting to serve you at all times.

Meanwhile, our sunset cruises are for those who want to take in the beauty of the sunset as it hits the waters. It is a luxury cruise where you can taste delicious delicacies while on the boat. There is also a handpicked selection of the best yachts that will keep your journey and private boating fun yet sophisticated:

Blue Marlin: This 31-foot Intrepid Express boat has posh amenities while making sure you have a solid and efficient experience.

Blue Star: For a slightly bigger yacht, the 32-foot Luhrs has an attractive design with a big cockpit made primarily for fishing.

Blue Sky: This boat is considered a cruising yacht and is an excellent choice for those who want to go fishing while on the waters. It is a combination of an express cruiser, a convertible, and a sedan – all in this appealing 43-foot Riviera boat.

Blue Sea: For those searching for the ultimate private yacht rental experience, nothing gets better than the biggest out of the bunch of choices. The 60-foot Bertram boat has everything you need from a full-time crew to amenities that will make you feel at home.

Meanwhile, if you want to relax on land, we have some specials just for you. Our condos and vacation rentals will give you the maximum comfort to ensure you have a relaxing vacation in the city. Choose from a two-bedroom condo or a three-bedroom rental that can accommodate up to 10 people. Both come with amenities and features that are just right for your budget.

Cabo is in an extensive mass of land that stretches almost 800 miles, which makes the Pacific Ocean distinct from the Sea of Cortez. At Cabo San Lucas Fishing, it is our mission to give you the vacation experience you have been dreaming of.

Contact us today to book your trip or get more information on our world-class fishing charters, rentals, pricing, and exciting offers.