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April 17th Cabo San Lucas Marlin Fishing Report

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Slightly cloudy sky’s, but always crystal clear water here in Cabo

Captain Julio and his crew headed out on our  32′ Yacht Blue Water.

Marlin is on the list today, we always start with a slow troll out towards the Pacific.

Head to the Marlin hot spot Golden Bank, it is 15 miles north of the Marina.

Landing this prize worthy Marlin.

Here in Cabo catch and release is encouraged.

Remember you can get a replica mount if you wish.

We  include a photographer  on our charters to capture your day.




April 16th Cabo San Lucas Marlin Fishing Report

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A little Cabo magic!

Early with the sunrise, Captain Eddy and his crew departed the marina aboard the 60′ yacht blue sea.

The sea was relatively calm, small swells and a slight breeze coming from the southwest.

Taking this group  out literally 100 yards from Lands End.

South into the Sea of the Cortez…traditionally a magic spot for Marlin.

April is generally slow for Marlin…hit or miss.

This group had an amazing day, not only catching and releasing the bucket list Marlin.

Landing a tasteful boat load of fish, Red Snapper, Wahoo and Tuna.

Great job ladies!




April 7th ~Cabo San Lucas Red Snapper Fishing Report

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Early morning departure on 32′ Yacht Blue Star ,with Captain Julio and his Crew.

Started  out with a slow troll, heading east into the warmer waters of   the Sea of Cortez.

Trolling around rocks and coral is a good place to find bottom fish.

Cabo is know for some good size Snapper.

Snapper are one of the many bottom dwelling fish.

Just make sure you use live bait, they cant resist a fresh yellowtail mackerel.

If you are lucky your live bait will entice a larger snapper.

This lucky group was able to land this impressive one.





April 9th Cabo San Lucas Marlin Report

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Captain Gilbert and his crew departed bright and early aboard the 60′ Yacht Blue Sea, in search for Marlin.

Generally the best area to start looking for Marlin is just a 6 miles from the El Arco.

That is where the you can either head to the Pacific or Sea of Cortez

They  set trolling lures on outriggers and slowly headed 2 miles past El Arco by the light house.

It is one of the best areas for a reason, didn’t take long before landing a Beaut of a Marlin.

Caught and released this Beaut of course.