Santa Maria Snorkeling Tour

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Santa Maria is one of Cabo’s beautiful beaches and swimming areas for private snorkel tours.

Please review the following rates based on our yacht presentation:

32 Foot Luhrs – Blue Star - 4 Hours Charter - $725 USD

Blue Star – 32 Foot Luhrs
  • 4 Hours – Santa Maria – Snorkel Tour
  • Package based on 4 Guests – each additional guest is $40 per person.
  • Package includes lunch – open bar – photos water toys, floating island, lily pad, sup boards, and snorkel gear.
  • Package includes complimentary photography.
  • Optional Pancho Sea Lion Bait – $50
  • Pricing excludes suggested gratuity 15% and federal IVA tax 16%.

35 Foot Riviera – Blue Water - 4 Hours Charter - $825

Blue Water – 35 Foot Riviera
  • 4 Hours – Santa Maria – Snorkel Tour
  • Package based on 4 Guests – each additional guest is $40 per person.
  • Package includes lunch – open bar – photos water toys, floating island, lily pad, sup boards, and snorkel gear.
  • Package includes complimentary photography.
  • Optional Pancho Sea Lion Bait – $50
  • Pricing excludes suggested gratuity 15% and federal IVA tax 16%.

43 Foot Riviera – Blue Sky - 4 Hours Charter - $1100

  • 4 Hours Santa Maria – Snorkel Tour
  • Package based on 6 Guests – each additional guest is $40 per person.
  • Package includes lunch – open bar – photos water toys, floating island, lily pad, sup boards, and snorkel gear.
  • Package includes complimentary photography.
  • Optional Pancho Sea Lion Bait – $50
  • Pricing excludes suggested gratuity 15% and federal IVA tax 16%.

60 Foot Bertram – Blue Sea - 4 Hours Charter - $1750

Blue Sea – 60 Foot Bertram
  • 4 Hours Santa Maria – Snorkel Tour
  • Package based on 10 Guests – each additional guest is $40 per person.
  • Package includes lunch – open bar – photos water toys, floating island, lily pad, sup boards, and snorkel gear.
  • Package includes complimentary photography.
  • Optional Pancho Sea Lion Bait – $50
  • Pricing excludes suggested gratuity 15% and federal IVA tax 16%.

Santa Maria Beach Cruise and Play

What you can do at Santa Maria Beach area?

Here are some water toys of a charter taking place at Santa Maria – 45 minutes north of Cabo. A second option is to snorkel and float at Pelican Rock closer to the marina – at a lower cost.

Check out the trip advisor reviews, videos of Santa Maria Beach and Pelican Rock. Click on each image below.


Check out the reviews below about Blue Sky Cabo for Santa Maria Beach Cruise and Play: 

Santa Maria Cruise
This cruise was awesome!! It was a beautiful afternoon trip out to Santa Maria. We drove out to the cove, parked there, and had access to snorkels, a water lily pad, and various other aquatic toys. The crew and captain were extremely friendship and informative. They were also equipped with a drone, a gopro, and a very high quality camera. The photos that we were sent of the trip were absolutely gorgeous and well crafted. I would definitely go on this cruise again and highly recommend it to anybody looking to enjoy an awesome time in Cabo.

Santa Maria Cruise
Incredibility relaxing day. Started around 11AM to Santa Maria returning around 5PM. Had a relaxing time snorkeling, swimming, and lounging. Great way to unplug. The only things needed to bring were sun block and maybe a light jacket. We’re provided towels, company long sleeve t-shirt, lunch, and refreshment. The crew took excellent care of us and always asking if we needed anything. Diego captured excellent photos to preserve in our family album. Most enjoyable event of our trip!

Fun Fun Fun
From Jim, the owner’s, first phone call to me, to the last hugs we received from Captain Juan, Julio & Mario, their professionalism, friendliness, knowledge of the ocean, and everything else in between is unsurpassed!! We traveled to Cabo with 4 other couples, “old college friends,” and took 3 trips with them during the course of a week and quite honestly, I could have gone on another. The Blue Sky is impeccably clean, outfitted to the max, and made for the perfect way to travel the seas. Our first expedition was a day of fishing…… unfortunately, the ocean was uncharacteristically calm, meaning, calm ocean, calm fish. Despite all of the efforts to catch Mr. Big, we only got one bite, a big marlin, which got off the hook when our friend let the line go slack. Regardless, we had the best time ever just cruising around, listening to music, enjoying our lunch, talking with Captain Juan, Julio, and Mario and just hanging out. Two days later we took the half-day trip to Santa Maria Beach. FUN, FUN, FUN is all I can say!! We took the kayak and the gigantic float (yes, all 10 of us fit on the float) and it was truly a scene of 60-year-olds acting like they were 14 again. But, we couldn’t help it….. the water was the perfect temperature, Mario had his camera flashing at us and it was hours of super fun beyond imagination. The following evening we took the Sunset Cruise and had Antonio, the chef create his magic with a traditional Mexican dinner The leisurely speed of the cruise, coupled with our favorite music, and a postcard-perfect sunset made for an evening to remember. When we arrived back at the dock, it was hard to say “goodbye” to an unbelievably fabulous captain and crew. And, if this is a testament to making memories with Blue Sky, we are booking another fishing trip in a couple of months. Thank you Jim, Therese, Captain Juan, Mario & Julio for allowing us to create lifelong memories aboard the Blue Sky.

Great Experience
There was a group of 16 of us on the 62 ft yacht. The crew, friendly, helpful and all around a great group to be with.. They took photos the entire time and made you feel very welcome.. We sat in the bay by Santa Maria and we able to swim and see the fish, take a boogie board and head into the beach..Thank you for a great experience and definitely a must do while in Cabo…

The staff of Blue Sky are absolutely incredible. They are professional and accommodating to your needs. We had a beautiful excursion and chilled out in the bay off the Santa Maria beach. A fantastic view of the skyline at night on our journey back to the marina with a special visitor (“Poncho” the sea lion) greeting us on our arrival home. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience!

Top Notch Experience
My family booked this as a fishing charter on the Thursday of our trip. I wasn’t able to go because I was sick however, the next morning the owner Jim and his wife had planned on taking their young children scuba diving and swimming near Santa Maria beach. They offered to take us as well because they heard that subs diving was something we had been wanting to do while in Cabo. The crew and family/family friends were all extremely fun to be around and friendly. We got to the boat and met everyone then headed out to the reef. Along the way we were offered BLTs and toast with peanut butter and jelly. The scuba instructor Jacob (Jacob Scuba on Facebook) then gave us a briefing and we went on a controlled 30ft dive that lasted around 40 minutes. Once we were done we drank beer and margaritas on the anchored boat and chatted with Jim and his family. We then cruised to the arch and Jim took pictures for us before heading back.

This was simply a top notch experience. Jim made sure that we got to see everything that we had come out on the water to see. Him and his crew are built around customer service and I highly recommend booking with this charter.

Class Act
I am a local and use Blue Sky exclusively when venturing out with company and clients. Why? Cause these guys are simply THE class act when it comes to tour operators. I’ve been on trophy marlin excursions, whale watching expeditions, booze cruises up the Pacific and the East Cape and all have been perfect from departure to arrival. This outing was with a client and good friend and his two kids to introduce them to the area. After a swoop by Los Arcos for some pics, it was off to Santa Maria for some snorkeling/swimming. The crew was awesome – as always. Juan, Julio, Mario and the new addition to the team, Quinn, I personally guarantee they will take incredible care of you no matter what your vision of the day/evening is. Jim is a fantastic operator and is always on top of making sure your outing is spectacular. Great boat, incredible crew and always awesome times. Thx Jim and Crew!

Beautiful Beach – Santa Maria
Me and my boyfriend got invited to go on a tour but we were so tired from other things we were not sure about going, we finally decided to go and im so glad we did! They took us to a beautiful beach called Santa Maria where the water was incredibly beautiful, crystal clear!! and pulled out some kayaks, snorkeling and scuba diving gear (only my boyfriend went scuba) and other different kinds of fun stuff. The crew is amazingly friendly, such a good service. Had the best sunset ever. Definitely going back! Thank you guys!! Oh and good drinks! 😉

Great Day At Santa Maria
Last week a group of us had a Blue Sky Cabo tour to Santa Maria Bay. First we had a great time on board, the boat is in excellent condition with all the facilities required on board to stay a full day on the Ocean. This includes 2 3 piece washrooms and a kitchen as well and a lot of room inside and out to enjoy. The Captain and Julio were always providing a enjoyable time on board. We were provided refreshments and food as well for the full day in the Santa maria Bay. We all snorkeled and were able to see some interesting fish in the water. On the trip back the captain went closer to shore to see all the fabulous hotels and resorts. He drove to the Arch and we saw both sides and were very close and had some great pictures taken. Near the Marina Julio had some bait fish and attracted two seals who actually came to the boat and one slide right onto the back boat . The Boat the service as great and we had a fantastic day in the sun a perfect tour.

Paradise – Santa Maria
What a day! Paradise! Blue Sky you are amazing. We boarded the yacht and what a gorgeous sight it was! Lots of room for all of us to relax. Beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, sailing on, sunning ourselves on the front deck bed and listening to Jimmy Buffet with cervesa in hand. The crew was great, owner Jim, Captain Juan and first mate Julio were excellent. Everything was perfect and everything was provided. We toured around and were extremely thrilled to see a whale emerge! Captain Juan knew exactly where to find him. We snorkelled in the clear warm water of Santa Maria Bay and ate an excellent lunch. After we went and toured the Arches, Lovers Beach, Divorce Beach and saw lots of seals bathing on the rocks. Let’s just say we had a lot of fun and will definitely do this again next time in Cabo…which I plan to be soon! Even Pancho the seal came up onto the boat! What a thrill. Fantastic people, impeccable customer service. Muy Bueno!

Absolutely Amazing Boat and Fantastic Crew. 
I had the pleasure of chatting and emailing Jim to book this amazing trip for a bachelor party. He truly embodies excellent customer service – followed up on my emails with both phone calls and emails to ensure that my questions were answered. He even recommended some great restaurants and night light activities and definitely went above and beyond what was expected of him.

As for the trip itself, my party had the pleasure of working with Captain Juan, Julio, and one other deckmate. They were extremely friendly and professional doing everything humanly possible to catch a fish from the very beginning of the trip. Within the first hour of launch, Captain Juan spotted both a marlin and a shark – no bites there, but exciting nonetheless.

After a couple hours of fishing with no luck, we headed over to Santa Maria for some snorkeling, swimming, and light fishing. It was an excellent break as some of us snorkeled. some swam, and some fished and caught some more bait and a pompano.

After an hour or so of relaxing, we took off for some more fishing. 15 minutes after leaving Santa Maria, I heard screaming and shouting and basically we spent the next 7 hours fighting a blue marlin. It was a great opportunity for everyone in the party to try their hand at reeling in our Moby Dick. Unfortunately, the line snapped but the experience gave everyone in the party something remember and cherish for the rest of our lives!

Thank you so much for an amazing trip! You’ve hooked us and we definitely want to get out there and bring the fish aboard next time.

Swimming and Snorkeling – Santa Maria
Had an amazing day on the Blue Sky boat with Captain Juan and his first mate Juilo! Got to see Grey Whales and got great pictures and video of them close up! Went swimming and snorkeling in Santa Maria and it was the most beautiful beach we have ever been to! Complementary booze and food was a great surprise, and we cannot say enough about the service from Captain Juan and his first mate Julio!

Snorkel Float Party
Our group took 2 trips with Blue Sky Cabo last week. One was a day trip the other a sunset cruise. During the day the crew served drinks, snacks and sandwiches. They brought out all the toys for us to lounge, snorkel, float, paddle board and even kayak. On the way back in they even dropped some lines in the water to catch some dinner. We came up empty and had some leftover bait. The benefactor of this bait was Poncho, a local sea lion who actually jumped into the back of our boat while we were cruising! He kept jumping aboard until our bait was gone. Amazing! It was an incredibly fun day and the crew took great care of us.

The 2nd booking was a sunset cruise with a photo shoot. Cpt. Juan brought us so close to the rock formations we could practically touch them! Of course our pictures were gorgeous because of it. We toured around for a while and again were surprised when they dropped some lines in the water on our way back into the dock. This time all 6 of us were able to reel in a big bonita – 6 fish in 20 minutes! What fun! We made it back in time for dinner and told our fish stories. It was the most memorable part of my trip to Cabo

Afternoon Snorkel Delight
I and my husband were so fortunate to be invited to partake in an afternoon snorkel and boating tour around the arch in Cabo San Lucas. The weather was beautiful, the scenery magnificent, and the snorkeling was amazing. We were treated to such a fabulous afternoon, made even better as we got to share it with some old friends, as well as some new ones we met on the boat. We were truly spoiled by this once in a life time adventure and would recommend this outing without hesitation. The crew were very professional and had great senses of humour, making the afternoon even more enjoyable!

Top Notch Snorkel
My husband and I took at 3 hour snorkel/float trip around the arches in Cabo San Lucas with 8 of our friends. We were on the Blue Sea boat and both the boat and crew were top notch. I can’t think of a better way to spend a few hours in the bay. This was our second trip out with this company. Last year we took a 2 hour sunset cruise. They were both great trips and I would highly recommend them. I can’t wait to go out again.

Grandkids First Snorkel Trip
We had the perfect day!! Juan; Mario and Julio are the best; they took wonderful care of the entire family and we had a fantastic time. The Blue Sky is a beautiful boat very well maintained and very clean. We normally fish from this boat with this crew but this was the first trip with the grandkids (8 to 14 years old) so the water play instead and it was the a blast. Between the floating island; the lily pad; the kayak and snorkeling the day was the best day of the trip. I cannot stress enough to both couples or big groups this is the perfect boat; fishing; water play; sunset cruise; whale watching or just a cruise on a beautiful boat you will NOT be disappointed… AND Pancho loves to say hi on the way back in. See you next trip!!! and again a huge thank you to Juan- Mario and Julio 🙂 and THANKS to Jim too

Floating Fun
We used Blue Sky Cabo for an all day snorkel day private charter. We were a group of 10 people (6 adults and 4 kids aged 10-14). The boat day was a blast. We loved the kayak, the snorkel gear and the HUGE floating “couch”. We toured El Arco and then went to a fun snorkel spot. The kids had so much fun using the water scooter and all of the water toys. The staff was really friendly and helpful and Julio took AMAZING photographs of all of us. The owner of the company, Jim, is extremely committed to top notch customer service and it shows. My 10 year old daughter said it was the best day of an already amazing vacation. I would have to agree!

Millionaire Lifestyle – 60 Foot Yacht
Have you ever wanted to feel like a millionaire but have no where close to $1,000,000? If that is the case, you should definitely look into this page. Whether you want to go fishing, snorkeling, swimming, or just hang out on a really nice boat for a few hours while touring the bay, this is the best valued excursion is Cabo San Lucas. Unlike most excursions that a person books, our experience was very private. It was just the four of us on a huge yacht with the crew. The yacht was also wondrous. I know nothing about boats, but it had a great interior with a living area, a kitchen, and two bedrooms and bathrooms. The outside had a rear area and a front area with a waterproof mat to lay out in the sun. Instead of being crowded on a tiny ship with hundreds of others, we had the ship all to ourselves for a sunset cruise. The captain took us around the beautiful rock formations in the Sea of Cortez. We passed many seals and sting rays jumping out of the water. We were allowed to play our own music during this time, and the crew was great. They took great pictures for us (and e-mailed them to us later), handed us beer whenever we needed it, and pointed out wildlife/other interesting sights as we passed them. In addition to this, they were all exceedingly friendly. The crew was easy going. After touring the bay, they let us swim/snorkel. We were even allowed to jump off the top of the ship! I have been on a few other really cool excursions, but this is by far my favorite. I would highly recommend it: the great value for a fantastic experience is unbeatable.

Blue Sky Cabo