Cabo Sportfishing Charters

Blue Sky Cabo provides Sport Fishing Charters with 4 sportfishing boats.

Our company has been providing sport fishing charters for over 10 years and we are pleased to provide a fish guarantee.

The Blue Sky Cabo sport fishing guarantee offers a complimentary float and anchor charter when no fish are caught.  Also, our second Cabo Sportfishing guarantee with a money back refund on our sport fishing dredge rental.  If no fish are caught, we are pleased to refund the rental charge on your Cabo Sportfishing dredge rental.

Please contact our office by phone to book your Cabo Sportfishing Charter with Blue Sky Cabo.

Blue Star – 32 Foot Luhrs

Blue Water – 35 Foot Riviera

Blue Sky – 43 Foot Riviera

Blue Sea – 60 Foot Bertram